Cafe de las sonrisas granada nicaragua

Un momento unico - Picture of Cafe de las Sonrisas, Granada

cafe de las sonrisas granada nicaragua

El "Cafe de las Sonrisas" en Nicaragua es atendido por sordos


After a morning of being catcalled and solicited by every vender in the Parque Central, it was such a pleasure to stop in here for lunch. The warm smile of our waitress was truly genuine and she welcomed our tiny attempts at Spanish sign language We will be back as soon as we come again in Granada. We hope the political situation will be more safe soon!! In Nicaragua, about one person in ten has a disability.

Cafe de las Sonrisas, Granada: See unbiased reviews of Cafe de las media cuadra al Este, Centro Social Tio Antonio, Granada , Nicaragua.
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The streets of Granada, Nicaragua can be a bit overwhelming at times. The chaos of the markets, the street dogs dodging traffic, the calls of the touts and money-changers, and those cars that drive around with giant speakers strapped to their roof, blaring pop music and advertisements — yeah, seriously. But luckily, the city is full of great little cafes and restaurants where you can slip away from the madness outside and enjoy a moment of peace and a good cup of Nicaraguan Coffee. Adding to the serenity of the quiet courtyard, lined with hammocks, is the fact that not a single word is spoken. A cup of coffee and a card with some commonly used phrases in Sign Language. And the coffee?

The cafe offers employment opportunities for deaf people otherwise unable to find employment in Nicaragua. Iconic Places. National Parks USA. Gorgeous Beaches. Weekend Getaways USA.

We did not eat here, but I wanted to spread the word about the hammock operation they have going here. Tio Antonio Hamaca is the name of the store and it is located adjacent to the restaruant, We were able to order a custom hammock from several styles and colors and patterns. The price was reasonable. The quality is excellent. We got a quick tour of the operation. They are making the hammocks, by hand and shipping them to us.

This Cafe Is Staffed Entirely By Deaf People

Buy your hammocks here - Cafe de las Sonrisas

In Nicaragua, about one person in ten has a disability. While Nicaragual law requires companies to employ two people with disabilities for every 50 employees, many businesses don't. The cafe, now five years old, is a project of the nonprofit Centro Social Tio Antonio, founded by a fellow from Barcelona who fell in love with Nicaragua and wanted to help deaf individuals. And thank heavens he did! There are other disabilities represented here as well, in a cafe and hammock-making shop. Cafe de las Sonrisas employs 35 people, most of whom have a disability. It is a charming venue with great food and a welcoming staff.

Cafe de las Sonrisas

The business only employs people who are deaf, from the waiters to the cooks. Our conversation took place in Spanish. In Nicaragua, about 1 person in 10 has a disability , according to figures, the latest available. But around 99 percent of people with a disability are unemployed , local news outlet El Nuevo Diario reported in At the cafe, customers order by pointing to items on the menu, which has special symbols to indicate substitutions.


Cafe de las Sonrisas - Iglesia de la Merced, 50 metros al lago, Granada, Granada, Nicaragua - Rated 5 based on 26 Reviews "If the world had more people.
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