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Once inside, Cole finds a young woman yelling for help. Unfortunately for him, she turns out to be a vampire and attacks him, knocking him out and dragging his unconscious body off into the darkness. When Cole awakens he finds himself next to the corpse of an ancient vampire - Bloody Mary. Cole is cut open by one of the bloodsucking minions and used to awaken this centuries old vampire, who quickly begins to feed on him. Hours later, Cole comes to, disorientated and robbed of his trusty melee weapon, the Amp, and quickly realises he has just one single night to find Bloody Mary and drive a stake through her heart before he is transformed into a creature of the shadows for all eternity from her venomous bite. With new powers and a city overrun by terrifying monsters, this will be one night in New Marais that Cole MacGrath will never forget. The first of these is Swarm, which allows you to transform into hundreds of bats and travel long distances in a short space of time.

He has one night to find and kill the Head Vampire , a. Otherwise he will remain a vampire and be in Bloody Mary's control forever. Taking place during the events of inFamous 2, Festival of Blood opens with Zeke sitting in a bar reading what appears to be a vampire comic. He spots a woman approaching the counter who orders a beer, to which he also orders one and offers to pay for her beer as well. The woman claims that she's capable of paying for her own beer, to which Zeke simply replies "Good, glad to hear it, you can get the next round". He looks her over and notices that she isn't from New Marais, so he decides to tell a story to try woo her.

InFAMOUS: Festival of Blood is a stand-alone downloadable InFAMOUS series title. Vampires have overrun New Marais and have taken Cole MacGrath and his blood for the resurrection of their leader. Taking place during the events of inFamous 2, Festival of Blood opens with Zeke sitting.
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Once a game comes out, some game developers may go to tropical locations or re-acquaint themselves with families who they barely get to see during crunch time. Sucker Punch did something a little different during their summer vacation: They turned Cole McGrath-the electrically-powered hero of the development studio's best-selling Infamous games-into a blood-sucking vampire. The secret origin behind Festival of Blood revolves around the artists and animators at Sucker Punch wanting to revive their creative juices. With two games taking about years to make," says the studio's Ken Schramm, "you want to stretch your muscles in different ways. In a move that differs from how most DLC gets implemented, Festival of Blood will be a standalone add-on. That means you won't need to own either of the two preceding Infamous games to play it. The decision to do standalone DLC keys in to a desire to capitalize on the 3 million downloads of Infamous 1 that happened as part of Sony's Welcome Back program after the spring's disastrous PlayStation Network outage.

Sign in. See the list. Check out this collection of photos we love from some of our favorite video games. See our Video Games Guide for more. See the full gallery. Control Cole MacGrath as he evolves his newly found ability to control electricity.

inFAMOUS™: Festival of Blood

Infamous: Festival of Blood is good, but it really could have been so much more. I was disappointed that the experience was so short, and that Sucker Punch decided to explore an avenue like this when there are so many other stories just begging to be told within the Infamous universe.

Infamous: Festival of Blood

No recent wiki edits to this page. It is a stand-alone game, and does not require inFamous 2 to play. It takes place in New Marais , the city in inFamous 2, during a local celebration called Pyre Night, and begins with Zeke siding up to a girl in a bar, relating the tale of Cole MacGrath being bitten by a vampire named Bloody Mary to impress her. Cole only has 8 hours to track down and kill his sire before sunrise or he permanently turns into a vampire and becomes one of Bloody Mary's servants. In addition to possessing his usual electric superpowers , Cole also gains a few vampiric abilities. He can bite and suck the blood of civilians to refill the corruption meter which is needed to use his new abilities, or kill Mary's crew to fill it in a more heroic way. Among those abilities are turning into a swarm of bats, a power that allows Cole to fly in any direction as long as the meter lasts.

Infamous: Festival of Blood is an action-adventure standalone downloadable content video game developed by Sucker Punch Productions for the PlayStation 3 video game console. Festival of Blood is an expansion in the Infamous series based on the Infamous 2 engine and map, but does not require a copy of Infamous 2 in order to play. The story is set aside from the canon aspect of the Infamous series, being a spoof told by the main protagonist's friend Zeke Dunbar and follows the story of Cole's gradual transformation into a vampire. The game features new characters and powers and a new comic cutscene creation for the main game Infamous 2 ' s user-generated content UGC , as well as support for the PlayStation Move controller. Zeke Dunbar meets a woman at a bar and talks with her, when she notices a comic book Zeke was reading. The woman is about to leave until Zeke mentions his relationship with Cole MacGrath, persuading the woman to stay and listen as he begins to tell her a story involving Cole during the events of " Pyre Night ", a fictional celebration in New Marais. During the event, Cole investigates a nearby church after hearing screams, rescuing civilians trapped in its crumbling catacombs.






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  1. Infamous: Festival of Blood is an action-adventure standalone downloadable content video game developed by Sucker Punch Productions for the PlayStation 3.

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