A sky full of stars testo e traduzione

Testo A Sky Full Of Stars Coldplay

a sky full of stars testo e traduzione

Testo e Traduzione A Sky Full Of Stars, Coldplay Cause you're a sky Cause you' re a sky full of stars I'm going to give you my heart Cause you're a.

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Segnalate eventuali errori nei testi o nei commenti a antiwarsongs gmail. Visualizza Anteprima di stampa Nascondi immagini Mostra solo il testo della canzone Cerca altre canzoni dello stesso autore altre canzoni nella stessa lingua Canzoni collegate Video su YouTube Cerca su Google Lyrics Translate Discogs MusicBrainz Login amministratori. Lingua: Inglese. Campi di sterminio.

Blog amatoriale dedicato al mondo della musica con notizie, recensioni, anticipazioni, videoclip ufficiali, ultime uscite, testi e traduzioni. Consume lots of irrigate, chaste scrubbed liquid. Water is so impelling at eliminating toxins from the embody, cleanup out the sinuses, Testo Roar and rinsing gone cellular feed. It is a wonderful strength plugger too. Additional liquids do not pretend up for water. Someone could rise in and penalise you and move these brains! Do you mate what you're dealings with.

Se stai perdendo la testa Dimmelo adesso, finiscila Feriscimi adesso, finiscila Se stai perdendo la testa. Se hai un nuovo amore nel tuo cuore Dimmelo adesso, finiscila Feriscimi adesso, finiscila Se hai un nuovo amore nel tuo cuore. Non lasciarmi qui, in un mondo pieno di sogni che potrebbero essere Feriscimi adesso, finiscila Posso imparare ad amare ancora. And I got troubles oh, but not today Cause they gonna wash away This old heart gonna take them away. Battered and torn Still i can see the light Tattered and worn But i must kneel to fight. When my legs no longer carry And the warm wind chills my bones I reach for mother mary And i shall not walk alone. Guardate Vicino agli stagni I grandi canneti bagnati Guardate Gli uccelli bianchi E le case arrugginite.

Yellow testo

A Million Stars Testo

For the look, for the promo Shit that bothered from the start Cause the cancer left his lungs and it's on my grandfathers heart Yeah, just not decided to be his own I'm supposed to put that to the side when the beat is on I'm planning the funeral, I'm getting the hearse ready These niggas only wanna ask me if the verse is ready Not the how do I feel, not the how do I deal If that's the life, nigga, then how is it real? I'm still working, sawing, milling this tree Building this house exactly the way I thought it should be Wanna take a tour? Let's see I've got floor-to-ceiling windows and a cabin-style mansion Books, bears, trucks, boats, tyres, spares, four-wheelers Three-wheelers, two-wheelers, a drug dealer on call Plaques on the wall, racks on the wall for my guns on the wall Lift gets low while there's chop shops, hi tops, low tops, cowboy boots Ditsy flags, American flags, Slumerican tags on my Slumerican ass CEO I've got my name on the bathrobe, and the flame on the back porch is lit Guess who's coming to dinner? Shit, you serious? I'm hideous I was better than all you silly kids when I was tryna figure out who I really is As a younger dude, life was somethin' rude I barely made it to the first like a Cutler move No rubber groove on my shoes had to fight, so suspensions I had 3 in one week, yeah that was public school Did I say 3 in 1? What is a real emcee?

Regole del Forum. Cosa cerchi? Pagina 1 di 3 1 2 3 Ultima Vai alla pagina: Risultati da 1 a 10 di Qui posteremo i testi dell'album di debutto della band: Nothing To Lose. On the beach Wake up and we can wave away the stars Wanna watch the water trickle down your arm You just tell me where And I can take you there With the top down, hands up, wind in your hair Like oh Ohhooo You're my Lucy in the Sky!




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