All you need is love live

The Beatles’ ‘All You Need Is Love': It was 50 years ago today

all you need is love live

The Beats - All You Need Is Love (Music Video)

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They also did one last impromptu appearance on the rooftop of Apple in to bemused onlookers. The night was an amazing journey and nostalgic romp through the Beatles post playbook. This concert series celebrated five years of ringing in the New Year at the Opera House. Many of the musicians in the band had also celebrated the ten year anniversary of The White Album concert in It is obvious that so many decades on, there are people who still want to hear from their beloved Beatles. This large live group of Aussies — including 35 musicians and singers — came together to form the Strawberry Fields Rock Orchestra.

John Lennon — Paul McCartney. Sometime in early , the BBC began publicizing an upcoming live television event that would be "for the first time ever, linking five continents and bringing man face to face with mankind, in places as far apart as Canberra and Cape kennedy, Moscow and Montreal, Samarkand and Soderfors, Takamatsu and Tunis. Eighteen countries agreed to provide live contributions to this program with thirteen additional countries agreeing to broadcast the event although seven countries pulled out just days before it aired. A projected million viewers were anticipated, making this the most ambitious and historic television program of its time. They were to perform live in EMI Studios recording a song written especially for the occasion. From playing skiffle music in an abattoir workers' social club in to instructing million people, live across the globe ten years later that ' love is all you need ' is a leap in scale so colossal that it's still hard to comprehend.

Written specifically by most accounts for the international television broadcast Our World , shown in 17 countries around the world on July 25, The idea was to create the world's first international live broadcast using then-new satllite technology. The group were approached to write and perform a new song for the live telecast; in two weeks, John Lennon came up with this song, supposedly constructed around a word every language understood: love. Reports differ on whether the song was actually written prior to the offer, or whether Paul McCartney also attempted to create a song for the event. It was decided early on that the song would be played and sung "live" to a pre-recorded backing track, the scope of the production being so vast. On June 14, a guide track was laid down featuring John on harpsichord, Paul on bass violin, George on violin, and Ringo on tambourine. Drums, piano, and John on lead vocal and banjo were overdubbed on the 19th, along with some editing; orchestral overdubs along with additional instruments were added on the 23rd and 24th.

From humble beginnings in in Liverpool's Cavern Club to Beatlemania and global chart domination, The Beatles - John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr - remain today the best-selling band in music history, with sales of over million albums worldwide. This electrifying multimedia spectacle will transport you back to the magical 60s when all you needed was love, and a little help from your friends! Celebrate the incredible catalogue of songs from the best-selling and most influential band ever. Start your visit in style! Relax, unwind and enjoy classic flavours with a modern twist.

The Beatles were representing the U. The Beatles were riding high on the success of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, which had been released earlier that month. The Beatles, who sat on high stools in Abbey Road Studio Number One, were decked out in their finest Swinging London apparel, with John Lennon , who composed the song , sitting center stage without an instrument. Although the Beatles were playing live, over the preceding ten days they had recorded a basic track to play along to, which included Lennon on harpsichord, Paul McCartney on double bass, George Harrison 's lead guitar solo, and Ringo Starr 's drums.

McCartney, Cocker & Stewart’s “All You Need Is Love” Is More Than A Sight To See

The Beatles unleashed their first single in the UK and went on to top the charts across the globe and change the world forever. Backed by the National Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, All You Need Is Love will fill you with nostalgia, joy and wonderment as we pass through the greatest and most iconic hits of the Fab Four, taking us back to the heyday of Beatlemania. Rated 5 out of 5 by Ono79 from An excellent show!

The Beatles Songs: "All You Need Is Love"

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The two-hour programme was watched by over million viewers in 25 countries. As expected at the time, the Soviet bloc countries pulled out only days before transmission, denying a possible further million viewers. After dozens of takes, by the evening they were ready. A small orchestra was booked and a specially invited gang of beautiful people rolled up to help out on the live broadcast, including Marianne Faithful and Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Keith Moon and Eric Clapton. At just after 9.

On 25 June, the live transmission cut to EMI Studios at pm It opened with the band playing "All You Need Is Love" for.
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