Hankook ventus prime 2 205 55 r16

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hankook ventus prime 2 205 55 r16

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This tyre has been replaced by the Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K Tyre mileage is extremely variable based on driving style, conditions and load. Looking at the reviews, if you have an average driving style, the Hankook Prime 2 should see around 20, miles on the front. I use it now in winter. But here is no snow only rainy weather. Should I change to all-season or winter tyres or it will be okay? As the temperature drops the rubber compound will harden and offer less grip, however if you're confident you won't need to use the car in snow and ice, the Hankook Ventus Prime 2 will be suitable for cold wet and dry motoring.

Please note: We only supply the tyre. Even if a rim is shown in the photo, it is not included in the price. Add both to Basket. This label is intended on one hand to promote economic and ecological efficiency in traffic, as well as increase road safety, and on the other hand to help consumers select appropriate tyres by ensuring a certain degree of product transparency. Nevertheless, the label has been criticized for only showing a very limited number of characteristics. Professionals argue that tyres have many more features that are important and relevant to road safety, including but not limited to aquaplaning properties, driving stability, service life, product properties on wet and dry roads other than wet grip, properties on snow. Tyre manufacturers suggest that the test results from various institutions and industry magazines should remain a very important source of information for the end consumer, because they focus on and rate a wide variety of tyre properties and features.

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