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Handsome Rice is a thumbprint-size, fast-casual restaurant in Murray Hill serving modern Korean comfort food in the form of dosirak, or lunch boxes. Apart from an occasional salad or soup, everything cooked at Foxface arrives in sandwich form. And with the exception of a muffuletta that briefly manifested at one point, every sandwich at Foxface is filled with hot, cooked meat or seafood or vegetables. This Malaysian snack shop specializes in apam balik, a pancake that may be made thick and porous or, as it appears here, dosa-thin and crisp. The most traditional version is folded around roasted pulverized peanuts, melted butter and sugar gone oozy. Pastis was assembled partly from the salvaged bones of a nearby restaurant that closed five years earlier, Pastis.

Punjabi Dhaba, reminiscent of no-frills roadside restaurants in India and Pakistan, is another example of how Bakersfield and its tastes have grown alongside its immigrant work force. The perfect summer food? Alison Roman thinks it might just be toast, especially topped with ripe tomatoes and buttery garlic shrimp. Freekeh, long popular in the Middle East and North Africa, adds a smoky note to dinner. Both sides agreed to move on years after Mr. Kimball started Milk Street, a similar cooking and media venture. These red wines can be distinctive and thoroughly delicious.

Neal Rosenthal is now selling European pantry staples on his Mad Rose website. Improving American nutrition would make the biggest impact on our health care. College entrepreneurs who focus on food products face their own set of challenges, including waste and food safety regulations, experts say. Altagracia Alvino is used to cooking large meals for her family, teammates and visiting players. I sampled her very tasty goat stew. Experts said that, with proper guidance, children can be on a totally plant-based diet.

The Democratic debate on health care has to date centered around who should be covered and who should pay the bill. That debate, which has been going on for decades, has no clear answers and cannot be easily resolved because of two fundamental realities: Health care is expensive, and Americans are sick. Americans benefit from highly trained personnel, remarkable facilities and access to the newest drugs and technologies. Unless we eliminate some of these benefits, our health care will remain costly. We can trim around the edges — for example, with changes in drug pricing, lower administrative costs, reductions in payments to hospitals and providers, and fewer defensive and unnecessary procedures. These actions may slow the rise in health care spending, but costs will keep rising as the population ages and technology advances.

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Food Festival The Park. Buy Tickets. Celebrate what it means to eat, drink and cook in the heart of New York City. The Talks.

By Ligaya Mishan. Francesca Chaney, the owner of the plant-based Sol Sips cafe in Bushwick, is expanding her business without losing sight of its roots. By Wilbert L. The butchers Erika Nakamura and Jocelyn Guest gathered their friends in the Hudson Valley for a dinner of sausages, grilled vegetables and blueberry pie. By Marian Bull. Sota Atsumi was part of a wave of rebellious French chefs.


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