Sinead o connor religion

Sinead O’Connor, Who Protested Catholic Abuse in 1992, Says She’s a Muslim Now

sinead o connor religion

Sinead O'Connor - Silent Night

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All scripture study leads to Islam. Which makes all other scriptures redundant. I will be given another new name. Phil, posted a video of herself singing the Azan, the Muslim call to prayer. Her voice is still in fine form, but she lamented her performance.

Since then, while maintaining her singing career, she has occasionally encountered controversy, partly due to her statements and gestures—such as her ordination as a priest despite being a woman with a Roman Catholic background—and her strongly expressed views on organised religion , women's rights , war, and child abuse. In addition to her ten solo albums, her work includes many singles, songs for films, collaborations with many other artists, and appearances at charity fundraising concerts. In , O'Connor said that she had changed her legal name to Magda Davitt. On converting to Islam in , she changed it again to Shuhada' Davitt. In O'Connor left her mother and went to live with her father and his new wife. In some ways, she thrived there, especially in the development of her writing and music, but she also chafed under the imposed conformity.

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Sinead O’Connor converts to Islam, changes name to Shuhada’ Davitt

Sinead O’Connor’s conversion to the Muslim religion (first reported by Irish Voice/IrishCentral) was a very logical step. Sinead has continuously courted controversy over her religious choices from tearing up the Pope’s picture to becoming a female Catholic priest. Sinead has never.
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  1. Sinead has never followed the crowd, far from it, and choosing the Muslim faith which has been slammed for its practices, many of them anti-women, certainly won her the attention she craves.

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