Arena di verona posti totali

Moda - GIOIA Tour @ Arena di Verona - 10/10/2013 - SOLD OUT!

arena di verona posti totali

Discover prices and availability for the Arena di Verona performances the Opera is included in every ticket/carnet for the Arena di Verona Opera Festival.

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Select the area among those available, check the view on the stage dragging the mouse on the different areas. In case you need to see more details, use the zoom function next to the image or use the mouse wheel. Select your seats. The system will offer you already selected the best seats available. To change the seats, click on the orange colored seats and select the new position. Select the reduced rate if available before the confirmation.

An operatic experience in an incomparable setting. Music lovers and opera fans should not pass up the chance to see an opera in the Arena of Verona. The annual opera festival has taken place here since , and more than half a million guests come to Verona every year to attend the spectacle. An alternating programme an absolute highlight is Aida by Giuseppe Verdi means that different operas are performed every evening. A highlight which you should not miss during your stay in Verona.

Nell'articolo si evinceva la motivazione alla scelta del nome: " Elemento peculiare della struttura sarebbe dovuta essere la parte monumentale, dedicata ai caduti di guerra. Al bando di concorso ufficiale, pubblicato il 15 settembre , venivano presentati nel quattro progetti denominati " Romanus ", " San Nicola ", " Indeficienter " e " Stadium " , ma vennero tutti scartati. Tuttavia nel giugno , a seguito del ritorno della Bari nella massima serie, si rese nuovamente urgente la realizzazione dell'impianto. I lavori, guidati dall'ing.

I am looking at the map of arena seat. Thank you. The Poltroncina Di Gradinata are lateral seats and is as side on as you can get. Are you sure about your seat numbers? The reason I ask is that these seats are on opposite sides of the Arena. One side has even numbered seats and the other is odd numbers. These seats are not together.

After the Colosseum in Rome and the amphitheatre in Capua, the Roman arena in Verona is the third largest Roman amphitheatre. Its great acoustics and unique location make the Roman arena the ideal location for events and it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to Verona every year during the Festival season to see the opera and theatre performances. For almost years gladiators fought here and entertained the masses with bloody carnage. When emperor Honorius prohibited the gladiator games in AD, that was the end of the Arena of Verona and the amphitheatre stood empty for centuries. The original four-floor building with a length of metres and a width of metres was damaged in the 12 th century by several earthquakes and reduced to its present size the interior zone. The four-floor exterior the remains are only three stories tall with 4 arches still gives a good impression of the glory of the former curtain wall surrounded by columns.

Arena di Verona

Each seat area has a price and a different colour, as shown in the following table. Choose your seat, check the price and buy your tickets also online! You can also buy reduced-rate tickets, as shown in the following table.

Stadio della Vittoria (Bari)


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