Ataman v3 clone by yeahsmo

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ataman v3 clone by yeahsmo

Buy Ataman V2 Style Titanium Alloy Rebuildable Atomizer, sale ends soon. 0. 5 Star 0; 4 Star 0; 3 Star 0; 2 Star 0; 1 Star 0 . is,is this item ever going to come back instock?,as I was told that production had stopped (YEAHSMO) I have been unable to verify this. huge vapor yeahsmo hot sale Ataman V2 RDA clone.

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Yeahsmo Ataman V2 clone. URL here. Nocgtigon XM20 copper mcpcb. The Eneloop info thread. Good Quality flux like from Kester, some different sizes would be cool. The pens come in very handy for everything and are probably easier to ship than fluids.

In computing , a clone is a hardware or software system that is designed to function in the same way as another system. A specific subset of clones are Remakes or Remades , which are revivals of old, obsolete, or discontinued products. Clones and remakes are created for various reasons, including competition, standardization , availability across platforms, and even as homage. Compatibility with the original system is usually the explicit purpose of cloning hardware or low-level software such as operating systems e. Application software can be cloned simply by providing similar functionality all word processors have the same basic purpose , but may also be designed to support specific file formats e. Commercially motivated clones are made often during a competitor product's initial successful commercial run, intentionally competing with the original and trying to participate on their success.

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YFTK Ataman V3 Style RTA

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Shop by Categories. New to DHgate? Join Free. What are the details of titanium Ataman v2 Atomizer? Choice is yours.


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