Fa cadere in trance

Le vie dei festival per i devoti psytrance

fa cadere in trance

Modi per entrare in trance

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TRANCE e arrivato il momento di darsi una mossa ma ho bisogno di mi tiene in pugno lei mi fa cadere in trance lei mi prende quando vuole ho bisogno di una .
baciati dalla sfortuna trailer ita

Bleak but warm ambient electronica from Leeds-based producer Kev Spence aka Stormloop. It comprises ten tracks of sparse ambient motion, from deep, sonorous and bass-heavy expanses to more delicate vistas and immersive sound design. Record companies falling over themselves to attempt to find a new angle - I mean how on earth did Tim Wheeler and Emmy the Great get together for their seasonal effort? As usual its the more understated seasonal atmospherics that hit the spot greater than the tinselly fayre. This beautiful album was recorded in our very own city of Leeds, a city not averse to freezing temperatures over the last few years but now somehow locked into a cycle of unseasonable warmth. This is the perfect record for sitting in a warm house staring out at the snow gently falling past the soft amber glow of the the streetlights disclaimer: Leeds streetlights are now sodium white but when this album was recorded in and they will have been yellow. Glad we got that cleared up!


Nature, music, art, dance and love, same unique vision that formed so many unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships. We preparing an epic journey, come and join us! Line Up and Location t. Indigenous cultures have out-lived through centuries to remind us that union and a simple life, have always been the keys to our happiness. We started in as a small gathering, and in we had our official opening.

Provi a chiamare il nome di lei, si perde nel plasma sonoro ad altissimo volume in cui sei immerso. Se il teknival, con i suoi faretti arrabattati, i suoi sparsi laser, i fuochi improvvisati con cassette e bancali, appariva come uno squarcio strappato alla notte del mondo, il festival psytrance assomigliava piuttosto a una bolla, tenue e accogliente, che in tale notte aveva saputo conservarsi e crescere. Giuseppe, risponde il goano accanto a voi. Eh, Giuseppe. Cosa potrebbe succedere allora a posizionare una rivendita di tartufi alla psilocibina 2 in mezzo a un festival?


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