Once upon a time eric

Prince Eric

once upon a time eric

Prince Eric is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He debuts in the sixth episode of the third season and is portrayed by guest star Gil McKinney. Prince.

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Gil McKinney. In the Enchanted Forest , Eric is a prince of the Maritime Kingdom who meets the misfortune of a shipwreck and almost drowns, but is miraculously saved by an unknown savior. Since then, he's been plagued with dreams of that person's face. As he walks in, his attention is instantaneously piqued by a red haired woman from across the room. He smiles at her and she shyly begins making her way over to him, but in the process, stumbles clumsily to the floor. Prince Eric goes to her side to lend a helping hand up. After learning her name is Ariel , he begins to suspect she looks familiar, and remembers her as the person who saved him from the shipwreck.

In Storybrooke , after Emma breaks the Dark Curse , Eric, like the other many citizens of the town, try to resume normal life. He works regularly as a fisherman at the dock dicing up sea produce.
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It appears in the sixth episode of the third season. Prince Eric , born into a royal family, lives at the Royal Castle. During the yearly Under the Sea Celebration honoring the legendary sea goddess, Ursula , a party is held at the castle. Of the many guests, a mermaid named Ariel , who rescued Prince Eric from a shipwreck a year ago, gains human legs and attends the ball in order to see him. Entering the dance hall, Ariel's companion, Snow White , quizzes her on the name of a human utensil, a fork, and, shortly after, the mermaid tucks the object into her dress as a collection item. Soon, Prince Eric arrives as Ariel catches his attention. As they waltz, he recognizes her as the woman who saved him from the shipwreck, though she denies it.

Prince Eric is a minor character on Once Upon a Time. He is Ariel's one true love. Having been rescued from a shipwreck by this romantically enthusiastic mermaid, Eric had dreams in which he envisioned her face, hoping that one day he would get the chance to meet her. Luckily for them both, this day came to pass, and the two of them arranged to travel the world together. However, Ariel ran into some trouble and had her voice stolen by the Evil Queen , meaning she and her true love were unable to be together, much to the prince's dismay. Years later, the two of them were given a second chance at their happy ever after when they reunited in the town of Storybrooke, Maine after the Dark Curse took place, where Eric received a new identity as the local fishmonger. When Snow White almost drowns while she is on the run from Regina's guards, Ariel saves her just in time.

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