Gtx 1080 ftw benchmark

EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW Review

gtx 1080 ftw benchmark

Nvidia GTX 1080 vs RTX 2070 - Benchmarks & Comparisons

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With so many cards from each Nvidia partner vying for your attention, it makes sense to see exactly how FTW is contexualised. We're sure there's not enough of a gap between these cards to say they're 'good to great' This EVGA-provided table spells it out neatly. It is interesting to note that SC Gaming and FTW Gaming share very similar frequencies out of the box, but the latter is a different beast from a construction point of view. Using an extra 8-pin power connector and a total of 10 power phases for the GPU, plus two for the memory, the review card's power requirement is increased by a considerable 35W. What's ultimately telling here is that the initial batch of GTX GPUs perform almost identically, irrespective of cooling, so whilst a manufacturer can go to great lengths to produce a best-in-breed card, there really won't be anything significant between them in the benchmark stakes. Back on point, the new ACX 3.

EVGA is no stranger to the enthusiast, as the company has become synonymous with high-end, incredibly well-built products - especially video cards. The company has some of the best-looking video cards, which also happen to perform even better. I'm not usually a fan of RGB LEDs on a video card, but EVGA has gone with a more minimal use on the lights - so it adds to the look of the card, without making it stand out and make me feel like I'm going to have a seizure, or grab out the glow sticks and start dancing with my sunglasses on. With EVGA's new cooling technology, expertise in building high-end enthusiast video cards, and the pre-overclocked settings with some more OC headroom included - will it outperform the GTX Founders Edition and be the card we hope it is? Let's find out. The availability should improve in the coming weeks, too. United States: Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon's website.

We do like that the card can be disassembled without voiding its warranty. The terms of EVGA's coverage are thus very favorable to water-cooling and modding enthusiasts. This is downright uncommon, which is why we want to point it out upfront. The cooler cover is made of light metal. Together with the underlying acrylic plate, the extra tacked on are primarily designed to provide some eye candy. As a result, the whole top of the card looks like it's bathed in color; built-in RGB LEDs light up the shroud thanks to numerous recesses. Weighing 38oz g , this card isn't particularly heavy.

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EVGA GTX 1080 FTW review: The most powerful graphics card in the world, made better

Review: Has the new ACX 3. It looks as powerful as it is and will drive you the fastest route through any journey. It is the right card to experience a new class of performance enhanced and VR gaming. The user can freely experiment with all the new Nvidia features, and we believe it has enough future-proof gear under the hood to drive whatever comes next. EVGA as one of the oldest and most experienced partners knows how to gain attention of the users. This time EVGA has two custom coolers.

Last year the full range of Pascal based processors was released. Both models honestly are equally impressive in its product positioning, though I do feel the will be the more attractive product due to its price level, a card is really what everybody want but perhaps can't afford. Obviously the higher-end all customized SKUs will likely level with that founders edition card price level again, but I am pretty certain you'd rather spend your money on a fully customized AIB card that is already factory tweaked a bit opposed to the reference one. A product that has been revamped and designed all custom with a dual-fan cooler, higher clock speeds and a backplate. New on this product are additional temperature sensors.


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  1. While that’s a nice card, the Founders Edition costs $ over the GTX ’s $ MSRP, and that surcharge doesn’t even get you an overclock or a beefy custom cooling solution. As with all custom graphics cards, the core specs of the GTX FTW largely mirror what you’ll find.

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