What does bitchy mean

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what does bitchy mean

Top definition Even if a person is not bitchy but rather, honest or blunt, a stupid person may use "bitchy" to Gail is pretty bitchy, she is rude and ignorant.

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Chances are you either know one or are one which is why Dr. Phil is talking about bitches! Time for a reality check! Ask yourself these questions and take a close look at your behavior. Are you leaving the wrong impression? After honestly answering the questions above, consider Dr.

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I would like to tell you that I raised her hair flick with a stone-cold eye roll, but instead, I smiled even wider. Why do we try to ingratiate ourselves to people who clearly don't like us? I went to an all-girls school, where I was taught the entire curriculum of withering looks and passive-aggressive put-downs, but I thought Mean Girls didn't go on to become Mean Women. I thought the formative education at schools of this sort was learning that bitchiness retards one's evolution. I thought these girls moved on with their lives, their spitfire side only rearing its ugly head when they meticulously planned their weddings, got a bad Shellac or engaged in drunken squabbles with the husbands they don't love. Apparently not.

Since the age of time, bitchy has become a term coined to describe women acting in a certain outspoken and temperamental way. While the former utilizes physical beatdowns skateboard smacks in the face and abrasive name-calling as a means of asserting herself, the latter uses her bluntness and wit. Here are some telltale differences that separate a bitchy woman from a sassy one:. Just like no one is born bitchy, no one is born sassy as much as we all want to believe we are. Yet, with the right amount of wit and intelligence, you develop sass as you get older. Just like you learn to think before you talk, you acquire the skills of speaking your mind, but in a less childish and overt manner.

Definition of bitchy

How to be a BITCH (Warning: This Will Change Your Life Forever!)

Could You Be A Bitch And Not Know It?

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Top definition. Bitchy unknown. A manner of action, usually presented by a she, which involves deliberate nastiness or spite.
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