Regali hi tech 2016

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regali hi tech 2016

Regali Hi tech ; La lista dei gadget tecnologici per veri geek.


Skip navigation! Story from Celebrity Style. Fashion and technology have never been mutually exclusive. This was said by Apple's chief design officer Jonathan Ive who knows a thing or too about great design aiding great technology during this morning's Manus x Machina preview, "Far from being mutually exclusive luxuries, technology and craft are of course not at odds, and much like beauty and utility, go hand in hand all the more powerful combination. Tonight, on the Met Gala's Manus x Machina or "hand x machine" red carpet, we had high expectations to see all of these elements come together under one roof in a major way. For a group of people who are used to serious style peacocking, the confluence of these two themes brought together haute couture-level drama with Silicon Valley-level showmanship. Light-up accessories and ,hour dresses all in one place?

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What Hi-Fi?

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