John wick ms perkins

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john wick ms perkins

Ms. Perkins (Adrianne Palicki) is a villainess from the movie John Wick. She is a highly skilled contract killer who tries to kill the movie's protagonist John Wick when a $2m bounty is put on his head by the movie's main villain Viggo Tarasov. John is staying in the.

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John is staying in the Continental, a hotel that known assassins tend to frequent, Perkins included. She also seems to look down on him as he still has some ethical code he lived by. John intends to follow up on information Perkins has told him and gives her to another man in the hotel called Harry, she is sat on a chair and handcuffed. Harry tells her that the hotel management aren't happy with her breaking the rules by attempting to kill John. During this conversation Perkins manages to break free from the handcuffs and knocks down Harry before eventually killing him with a gun. Much later on Viggo has captured a friend of John's called Marcus, Marcus was offered the bounty by Viggo and took it, but his intentions were to help John by picking off threats to John with his sniper, this ultimately helped John track down Viggo's son, and kill him.

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Perkins is a ruthless assassin who is paid by Viggo Tarasov to eliminate her ex-colleague John Wick. When she arrives at the Continental , she meets John Wick at the reception and claims that is is good to see him again. To reward her, Viggo doubles the bounty.
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Sign in. John Wick : Perkins? Perkins : I thought I'd let myself in. John Wick : I noticed. I never knew Ms. Perkins to get out of bed for less than three. Perkins : Viggo's giving me four to break hotel rules.

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Ms. Perkins (John Wick)



I never knew Ms. Perkins to get out of bed for less than three. Ms. Perkins: Viggo's giving me four to break hotel rules. John Wick: That's unwise, I assure you.
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  1. History. Ms. Perkins is one of the assassins employed by Viggo Tarasov. When she arrives at the Continental, she meets John Wick at the reception and claims.

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