El caminito del rey 2017

Hiking in Spain: El Caminito del Rey

el caminito del rey 2017

Wandern auf dem Konigspfad - Caminito del Rey

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These works would also include a small car park and the refurbishment of the visitors centre at El Chorro railway station. The foundation stone for the Ardales visitors centre was laid on 16th February and work is advanced and the building construction aparently complete by Summer The centre has never been opened. The other project is to reopen the original hydroelectric overflow spillway to recreate a spectacular m waterfall. As part of the budget of 1. The tunnel is now lit. This initiative is to keep the path open to visitors during high winds however walkers who want to take a short cut can use it.

My prayers have been heard: in the Spanish government started building a new path , right above the old one, that now takes tourists safely and legally through the gorge and into the valley that lies beyond it. The original Caminito del Rey was build in the early 20th century to allow a smoother access through the otherwise hard to navigate gorge, but over the years it was abandoned and became too dangerous even impossible to cross. Unfortunately, the danger attracted a new kind of visitors: people who came not for the views, but for an adrenaline rush. Towards the end of last century this led to enough mortal incidents for the Andalusian government to shut the road down by demolishing the access to it. It is now illegal to enter without a ticket. The new Caminito del Rey is, luckily, a whole lot safer. This year I travelled to El Chorro especially for the boardwalk, determined to walk it, despite my serious fear of heights.

Modality designed to enjoy a more enriching experience of the Caminito. the visit, on the condition of not breach the Caminito del Rey compulsory regulations.
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More search options. Keep following this road as it winds around the lake. You'll eventually come to a junction, with a sharp turning rightwards towards the village of El Chorro. The first leaves at Leaving at 9.

Visiting the Caminito del Rey, Malaga

The Caminito del Rey - which means the Path of the King - has been comprehensively upgraded and is no longer dangerous, but it still offers breathtaking views over the gorge that require a head for heights., I love hiking.

Battling my fear of heights on the Caminito del Rey

This path has been re-open recently in after a big reparation work. It was closed in because of several misfortunes were happened to four travelers causing their death in and At the beginning of its history, the path was built because an hydroelectric company needed an access way between the two precipices in order to make it easier for the maintenance workers to get there and transport materials. The works were started in and finished in We usually organice this trip for the students of our Spanish school , and they always say this is the most exciting trip. Even being totally safe, you still can notice a special feeling admiring the impresive views of the canyon. So before starting it you have to do this little hike through the mountains.

Hundreds of feet below me, remnants of the old path jut out of the rock face like smashed teeth, while in the pit of the ravine, a hard hat — blown off a previous mountaineer — has pitched into the water. My fingers grip white-knuckled to the rail and my guts churn over themselves in waves. The air noticeably thins and I realise just how close my feet are to the perilous edge as, with added cinematic effect, vultures circle above, eyeing this latest nervous traveller who dares to trek this high. The dangers of combining the natural world with human recklessness are very clear on the Caminito Del Rey , as this path is officially known. At the top of the gorge are two memorials — one to a canyoneer who drowned after their foot became stuck under the rising water, and another, larger headstone to three boys who died in after their zip wire, affixed to a cable that ran across the highest point, broke free with them on board. A metal hinge still hangs from where the old zipline tore free. Danger seems to stalk this place — in the lap of the gorge, amid the long grass, sits an abandoned house that was once lived in by a s Swiss Family Robinson.

The cost of the lot was 2 euro. We were a little early so we have a cortado al El Kiosko. We started our journey there and not at the new tunnel closer up the road.


The name derives from the original name of Camino del Rey King's Pathway , abbreviated locally to el caminito. After four years of extensive repairs and renovations, the walkway re-opened in It has been known in the past as the "world's most dangerous walkway" following five deaths in and The walkway was built to provide workers at the hydroelectric power plants at Chorro Falls and Gaitanejo Falls with a means to cross between them, to provide for transport of materials, and to help facilitate inspection and maintenance of the channel. The construction began in and was finished in

That said, if the thought of nothing but a wooden platform and guard rails separating you from a m plummet to your death fills you with a sickening incapacitating fear, then this is probably not the walk for you. The path was completed in by the Hydroelectric Company El Chorro to provide access for maintenance workers. It ceased to be used by the hydroelectric workers and fell into disrepair, but became popular with hikers, climbers and those looking for YouTube fame. After a number of deaths, the Andalusian government demolished the first part of the path and made access to the path illegal. Cleverly the designers have, to the extent possible, retained the old pathway and built the new board walks above it enabling you to see just how insane people who undertook the old route without safety equipment were. We walked the route in late October when the weather was mild and there were not as many people around, which meant we never felt crowded and could really enjoy the experience.


El Caminito del Rey: Walked 'El Caminito del Rey' in May of - See traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for El Chorro, Spain.
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