Summer festival gallarate 2017

Impronta Summer FEST!

summer festival gallarate 2017

Event in Pregnana Milanese, Italy by L'Impronta on Friday, July 14 with people interested Impronta Summer FEST! Parco Via Gallarate Pregnana.

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I'm an italian artist, born on april in Milan, I've studied graphic art in Monza. After 28 years as editorial illustrator in I started painting and realizing humor drawings. These years I have partecipate in a numerous group exhibitions around the world, receiving several awards. My reference are surrealist, but the greatest artist in my hearth is Brad Holland. Acrylic is the material I prefer for the cromatic intensity. My immagines follow a streamline: listen the inner voice, why we exist, love, hate? Why we become victims or rather victimizer?

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The programme recovers some of those moments recorded by the camera: it examines the process of an "experimental archaeology of the present"; it exposes diachronies, the shifts between different border regimes, the continuities of power and the subjectivities that resist it. What comes to light in the films of this programme, and what is also at stake for the praxis they invented, is a relation. This arises from the action of bodies that appear, speak out, take up the camera, became visible or imperceptible, when they act in concert and invent new forms of alliance, solidarity and commonality. The series would have us question our relation to the films, to their images, complicating it by a "situation", a cinema situation that opens up new aesthetic and political issues and encourages us to imagine new practices and futures for film. They participate in the reproduction of an imaginary of invasion that in turn justifies the deployment by states of exceptional means to combat it.

Mark Murphy says Boris is "a great proponents of simply superb singing". Boris Savoldelli is a new vocal performer on the music scene who is receiving kudos from around the world. His influences include his mentor in jazz, singer Mark Murphy. In the first 4 months of Boris composed 20 new vocal solo songs dedicated to 20 italian contemporary artists for the opera site project Dammi una voce Give me a voice created by Mme Duplok collective, for the italian Contemporary Art Museum MAGA in Gallarate. In may Moonjune records released the trio album dedicated to the music of Pink Floyd's masterpiece The Dark Side Of The Moon in jazz with Raffaele Casarano on saxes and electronics, Marco Bardoscia on double bass and electronic and Boris on voices and electronics. At the end of , the album titled De-Generation Beat , a unreleased project dedicated to writer Jack Kerouac, is released in both cd and limited edition lp.

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Miura Biography Diego and Illorca are known for being the rhythm section of TIMORIA, one of the most popular and influential Italian bands since '90s, by issuing 12 albums two golden records , twenty videoclips and performing hundreds live concerts. In November , Timoria splitted.



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