Mercatini di natale potenza 2017

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mercatini di natale potenza 2017

Christmas markets Basilicata in Potenza patron of the city, the Church of St. John the Baptist, the Church of Santa Maria di Idris and the.

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Discover entire homes and private rooms perfect for any trip. Potenza Picena. Holiday Rentals in Potenza Picena. Places to stay in Potenza Picena. A due passi dal mare. Due balconi, lavatrice, doccia con vasca, tv, lettore dvd, forno.

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A Power of the Christmas market area is that of Piazza Matteotti and adjacent streets. A very interesting location that allows you to see the remains of the past in the city, old buildings, squares and alleys, and then dive into a Christmas market where many local handicraft products that are really just ideas for gifts to give to family and friends, but also to buy for themselves. A visit to the Christmas markets Basilicata in Potenza may also be accompanied by a visit to the city, to start from the two Aragonese towers that shade right in the same market, or in the district of the capital of the region, where no shortage of opportunities to have fun.


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