Venerdi 14 aprile 2017

Tornado run venerdi 14 aprile 2017 (5 * edizione)

venerdi 14 aprile 2017

FATMAN SCOOP Live @ Space Club - SINFUL Venerdi' 14 Aprile 2017 vol.1


When we recite the Creed together, it is a sign of recognition of faith for all Christians. So, the symbol of faith is what holds us together in faith. Divine Providence. Let nothing trouble you. Not even your own failings.

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Home Content Search Navigation Indexes. NIH syndrome is bad. In short, putting tons of completely superfluous and half-baked code out of commission and eventually replacing it by integrating existing solutions which are actively maintained by larger communities might be the way to go. By this: there is no need for KDE. There is QT instead? What a desktop proposes is the choice of the project. The problem is: a why KDE does reinvent the wheel to provide a totally new super experience with an application that, compared to the one before is less performing, with less features and full of bugs

Scrivi un commento. Another thing I have really noticed is that for many people, less-than-perfect credit is the results of circumstances over and above their control. Such as they may be actually saddled with an illness and as a consequence they have higher bills for collections. It might be due to a occupation loss or maybe the inability to work. Sometimes divorce or separation can really send the finances in the wrong direction.

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Bolletino 9/04/2017

Venerdi' Santo a Leonforte-14 aprile 2017


Posted 0 comments. Are you ready massicci?! Since the beginning of the year, the crew started dancehall promotion activity meeting lots of realities between Brianza and Milan, places like the Baretto of the Leoncavallo Mi which was our yard for about 2 years. In alongside other 3 soundsystems from Milan and Pavia X-treme ent. We play all kinds of music related to Reggae and Dancehall packed into booty-bouncing sets!

(Intervallo...Prog) - 14 aprile 2017





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