London tattoo convention 2017

The best of London Tattoo Convention 2017

london tattoo convention 2017

London Tattoo Convention 2018 - Killer Ink Tattoo


This was my first year at the prestigious London Tattoo Convention , and I'm so glad I didn't miss out. Any UK Tattoodo readers out there will know that the tattoo convention market in this country is saturated. Basically, there are a shit ton of events to choose from, often more than one per weekend, and considering even attempting to go to every single one makes my head hurt. Well, if you can only put one date in your diary for , make it 28th, 29th and 30th September. For years, I've had other commitments fall on this September weekend, but I'm so glad I was finally able to attend the 13th International London Tattoo Convention. I had huge expectations, and I wasn't let down.

Styles on display at the International London Tattoo Convention include Western Traditional and Japanese tattoos to stunning photo-realistic styles and traditional hand-tapped motifs. Ink lovers have arrived to flash their wares for the International London Tattoo Convention today. With more than tattoo artists from around the world, the event has become a celebration of ink and the people who indulge in the passion. Those styles on display include Western Traditional and Japanese tattoos to stunning photo-realistic styles and traditional hand-tapped motifs. A tattoo artist specialising in ancient tribal tattoos inks a customer at The London International Tattoo Convention.

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On September 28th the doors of the Tobacco Dock opened and the location became the beating heart of tattooing: London has never been so alive and feverishly bubbling, populated with creative people and artists coming from all over the world. This is where you could just go wild, walking through one hall to the next, and admiring the best tattooists in the world at work. There was life, blood, pain, and enthusiasm… And besides the tattooists — the greatest protagonists — this convention still remain unforgettable for its amazing visitors! In the meantime… Enjoy this video and our selection of images! We keep a close eye on international developments and our many contributors the world over ensure we always have a fresh take on what is going on in the world of tattoo and everything that revolves around this art form. Don't miss to visit the best Tattoo Store ever: www.

London Tattoo Convention, Tobacco Docks 2017

The London Tattoo Convention showcases the very best tattoo artists from around the world. With over international tattoo artists, art exhibitions, gorgeous dancers, performers and live music. -






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