Terracina air show 2017

Italian Air Force pilot dies after plane crashes into sea at airshow

terracina air show 2017

Eurofighter Typhoon Crashes During TERRACINA Airshow Killing Pilot

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A spate of deadly crashes has struck the international Eurofighter community. Three mishaps in the span of just one month have led to the loss of aircraft and pilots, and although the incidents seem unrelated at first glance, clearly investigators will be looking into systemic training or procedural issues that could have been factors in the crashes. Today's loss occurred following the aircraft's participation in a flyover for to celebrate Spain's National Day. The aircraft came down in a farmer's field near Los Llanos Air Base, which is located in southeastern Spain, near the town of Albacete. According to reports, it doesn't seem as if the pilot tried to eject. The loss follows another fatal crash of a Eurofighter that occurred on September 24th, this time the jet belonged to the Italian Air Force. The aircraft failed to complete the bottom half of a loop while performing over water at the Terracina Air Show.

This is a year-by-year list of aviation accidents that have occurred at airshows worldwide in the 21st century. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article contains one or more incomplete lists which may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. Press Information Bureau, Government of India. February 19,

The Italian government has opened an inquiry to determine the cause of the accident, which happened when pilot Gabriele Orlandi carried out a loop manoeuvre. He was taking part in an airshow in Terracina, midway between Rome and Naples, and was flying a Eurofighter jet plane. After performing a loop-the-loop, the plane plunged into the water, sending out a cloud of smoke, water, and debris from the aircraft. A coastguard vessel recovered Orlandi's body shortly after the crash, the Air Force confirmed in a statement. Orlandi's performance had been the penultimate of the show, and the final performance by the Italian Frecce Tricolori, the air force's aerobatic team, was cancelled out of respect. Thousands of people had been watching the show, including the pilot's friends and family and his girlfriend, who was treated in hospital for shock.

As a result, the Typhoon crashed into the sea and disintegrated approximately yards offshore at local time.
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The Eurofighter jet was flying over the sea before Terracina, a town lying about kilometers south of the Italian capital, when it suddenly plunged into the sea. Thousands of people gathered on the coast at Terracina watched in horror as the jet completed a loop but then failed to get enough lift as it approached sea level. It slammed into the water just a few hundred meters offshore, sending up a huge plume of smoke and spray upon impact. Several amateur videos were shot by spectators, and spread on social media, showing the plane performing a dive in the air before collapsing into the waters. The air force said the body of the pilot, identified as Captain Gabriele Orlandi, was recovered soon thereafter.

A test pilot died after crashing his Eurofighter Typhoon into the ocean during an airshow in Italy. The incident occurred on Sunday, but different angles of the crash caught on video by many spectators are now appearing on YouTube and social media channels. Astonishing footage shows the pilot pulling aerobatic maneuvers before turning into a roll with the fighter inverted and diving towards the sea. The pilot began pulling out of the dive, but had left it too late. Here's one of the clips warning some people may find this disturbing to watch :. His body was recovered soon after and the rest of the Terracina Air Show was cancelled immediately.


Eurofighter crashes at air show, pilot dead

Sep 24, On Sunday Sept. 24, , an Italian Air Force Eurofighter FA Typhoon ( most probably MM/RS) belonging to the Reparto.
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