Gigli di nola 2017

Festa Dei Gigli di Nola 2017

gigli di nola 2017

CineGigli-Nola 2017-Ballata Giglio del Sarto 1° parte

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Katia Ballacchino, professor and anthropologist held the meeting about the theme of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Community. This analysis passes through eight years of study. These years proved to be crucial for our country, for they started from a milestone decision of UNESCO of , which recognized intangible goods as proper Cultural Heritage. What is an Intangible Good? It covers a whole range of practices, traditions, folklore, customs, which a community perceives it as a belonging.

It will be held from 22 to 25 June the traditional Festa dei Gigli in Nola which boasts a very ancient tradition it is even spoken of the fifth century and that from the boasts official recognition of UNESCO as an intangible heritage of humanity. The party is held in honor of San Paolino , patron of the City, whose symbol is precisely the Lily that has gone from being a simple ornament on the candles to be a real wooden structure performed by the artisans of Nola. During the party i Lilies, which can also weigh 30 quintals , they are lifted by means of a system of bars made of chestnut wood and are maneuvered on the shoulders by the "cullatori" whose name probably derives from the oscillating movement produced by the movements of the lily. I'm eight lilies, as many as the corporations who offer their homages to the saint, and one Barca in memory of the Saint's return. They are all party cars that will parade through the town. We report the program of the Lilies festival and refer to the program of the June Nolan for all the events of the month. The singer Andrea Sannino is a musical guest.

The Festival of Lilies is a popular Catholic celebration that takes place every year at Nola on the occasion of the patron saint celebration dedicated to San Paolino. With this event the Nolani recall the return to the city of Pontius Meropio Paolino from the captivity by the barbarians in the first half of the fifth century. The festival takes place on June 22nd every year, if it falls on Sunday or the next, if midweek day, and consists of the dancing procession of the 8 Lilies and the Boat. Wooden obelisks are named after the ancient arts and crafts corporations. The Lilies and the Boat go along a traditional path perched in the oldest nucleus of the city at the rhythm of original pieces and reinterpretations drawn from the Neapolitan, Italian and international musical traditions performed by a musical band placed on the basis of the structure.


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2017 Lilies Festival in Nola: folklore, shows and concert by Ron



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