Muhammad ali vs antonio inoki

Muhammad Ali vs. Antonio Inoki

muhammad ali vs antonio inoki

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The following was adapted from Ali vs. In his Pulitzer Prize—winning biography, King of the World: Muhammad Ali and the Rise of an American Hero , David Remnick writes that he was so fascinated by the acclaimed heavyweight boxer that he even ventured to the Beacon Theater on Manhattan's Upper West Side on June 25, , to watch him battle a Japanese professional wrestler live on closed circuit. The word even is revealing. Like most Americans who watched Ali take on Antonio Inoki, Remnick, then just 17, thought the bout was a strange spectacle, something worth forgetting. Most boxing writers framed it more derisively as a round farce.

Muhammad Ali vs. Inoki, who had been taught the art of catch wrestling by legendary wrestler Karl Gotch , was staging exhibition fights against champions of various martial arts, in an attempt to show that pro wrestling was the dominant fighting discipline. The fight itself, which was fought under special rules , is seen as a precursor to modern mixed martial arts. The result of the fight, a draw, has long been debated by the press and fans. The fight was refereed by Gene LeBell. Ali characteristically bragged to Hatta: "Isn't there any Oriental fighter who will challenge me?

Muhammad Ali's Forgotten Fight Was Also One of His Most Influential

This Day in History: When Muhammad Ali Fought a Japanese Wrestler

Of all the episodes in the iconic boxing career of Muhammad Ali, who died Friday at age 74, perhaps the most curious came in a Japanese ring. What they saw, however, was a bizarre and tedious round spectacle that left the crowd chanting for its money back and Ali struggling to live down the embarrassment. Ending in a draw, it proved once again that when an apple fights an orange, the results can only be a fruit salad. Then, as he was bending over to check on the fallen official, Inoki would kick him in the head. The referee would come round and count Ali out, giving Inoki the win but allowing Ali to save face through his noble actions. Muhammad Ali makes a show of strength at a press conference at the Keio Plaza Hotel, prior to what was billed the bout of the century.

Muhammad Ali was the current heavyweight boxing champion. Due to the time zone differences, the bout was seen on June 25 at over closed circuit television locations in the United States. It was also the final match shown on wrestling cards throughout the country. The particular telecast anyone saw depended on where they lived and what their local wrestling territory was. In addition to the Inoki vs. This wrestler vs. It ended by count out when Andre threw Chuck out of the ring.

Despite the hype, there is no belt at stake. For another moment quite like this — perhaps, even, the moment that made this moment happen — one has to go back 41 years ago and about 5, miles west of Las Vegas. Ali and Inoki fought 15 rounds, ending in a draw. The Greatest was at a pinnacle of his popularity in the summer of Long before the dawn of social media and YouTube, Ali was a worldwide brand. The champ had a TV variety special, a Hollywood movie, a Saturday morning cartoon series, an album, oceans of ink in countless magazines and newspapers, a seemingly endless succession of talk show appearances, commercials, of course, and even an Ali action figure. In , Ali was in the midst of a costly divorce from his second wife, Khalilah, and living with Veronica Porche, whom he would marry the following year.

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