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Euroglot is more than just a dictionary. Not for nothing it has been used a convenient translation tool by universities, public institutions and businesses for many years. This unique language translator translates words, expressions and proverbs. Per word or expression it shows you all synonyms and content related to your search. You can use the extended grammar module to look at conjugations and inflexions. Euroglot enables you to translate words, expressions and proverbs crosswise.

Translate your Word. There is currently a large amount of traffic on the free version of DeepL Translator. Need to translate more? Try DeepL Pro! DeepL uses cookies.

It includes:. Grammar Noun gender, noun and adjective declension, degrees of comparison, verb conjugation;. Transcription and pronunciation of words and their translations You can listen to pronunciation of the searched word and all its translations, transcription is available for English;. Examples of translations For each query the search for state expressions with the searched word in the dictionary base and the search for examples in real texts are performed;. Links to other resources and dictionary services , such as Wikipedia, Dictionary.

Spanish-Italian Dictionary. Translation Software Suite. I learned Spanish on my own when I graduated from Tech school. It was hard at first! I wish I had this program back then, and I am certainly glad I have it now. By Franklin Smith. Your product is the best translation program that I have used.

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Enter the word to be translated from Spanish to Italian in the text field above. You can enter words in both Italian and Spanish as both sides of the online dictionary are searched. The results are divided in different sections to help you find the right Italian word or phrase easily. The page can show you different translations, synonyms, usage examples and forum entries. Use the letters below to search the Spanish to Italian dictionary through a word list. Select any letter to start browsing. Once you have found a relevant Spanish word, clicking it will return all Italian translation and sample sentences.

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Yandex Translate Text Site Image. Kitchen, London, Zoo. Type text or a site address. Translate in. Select the text to see examples.



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