Mille miglia a parma 2017

Mille Miglia 2017 Day 3 – Rome to Parma

mille miglia a parma 2017

Mille Miglia 2017 - The road from Reggio Emilia to Parma - Ferrari F50, SLR Stirling Moss & More!

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On May 20, the drivers were running uphill. Literally and metaphorically. The distance from Rome led through curvy hills of Tuscany and Umbria, which, although beautiful, can cause the drivers a lot of trouble. The more that the weather was not so kind. Overcoming hills and sharp turns in blazing sun or heavy rain, or even hail, was not easy. Early afternoon, part of the clamping frame fastening rear suspension of the Aston Martin DB 2 broke off. It looked dangerous, the control arm was off, which might have even caused turning over of the car and multiple cartwheeling.

The third day of our Mille Miglia race can be described in a simple way — the day we lost them all, yet had an absolutely amazing day touring through the Tuscan countryside. In the middle of the night, in our hotel room in Rome, my laptop stopped working while I was just about to make the finishing touches to an important work presentation. It sounds like you are sitting there waiting for a big bang. We had a couple of days left of Mille Miglia, and under any other circumstances I would perhaps not have been that bothered — and a trip to a PC repair shop could have at least waited until we got back home. Luckily — or sometimes unfortunately — I take my work quite seriously, and I had a deadline. A deadline that felt so important that at noon on Saturday we were not on the winding roads driving through Tuscany, following the race as part of the big convoy. We were sat in the PC shop in Viale della Grande Muraglia in Rome, first waiting for the friendly guys to diagnose the problem and check if they could find a spare part, and once the part was in their hands, getting them to fit it.

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Perhaps the fact that we ended our last day of a classic car race with less photos on the memory card — compared to the previous days — was a sign that on the last day of Mille Miglia we focused on what was even more important — having a lot of fun without stressing out too much. On the last day of Mille Miglia I think we nailed it. We got caught up by the atmosphere, to the point that I was hesitant to stop to take any photos at all — keeping on driving seemed like a much better idea. The drivers were in a cheerful mood having made it to the last day — which already is a great achievement considering many cars dropped out of the race during the first days. The serious faces were all wiped out — we only saw the happy smiles. As we got closer to Brescia the landscape changed from deserted country roads, to roads where crowds of people — thousands — had lined up to loudly cheer the drivers through the final stages of the race.

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mille miglia parma 2017



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  1. I am in planning stages for a late-May trip, thinking of spending a few days in Bologna with side trips eastward to Ravenna and west to Parma via rental car.

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